Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Kite Reel & Combo
Quiet and powerful with the advantage of a programmable Auto-Stop and manual winding option should you lose power.

Capt. Harry's Fish Bat
17" aluminum fish bat with rubber grip and wrist rope.

RoboCop Portable Caddy
RoboCup portable caddy securely holds two drinks, two fishing poles, tools, gear and personal belongings including phone, GPS, keys, glasses, flashlight and much more.

Kids Combos
This combos come with a casting plug for practice and float just in case! *Spiderman combo comes with a tackle box.

The Fish Grip
This new fish landing device helps you safely land, weigh, and release your catch.

The Boomerang Snip
Retractable heavy duty cutter. Conveniently attach anywhere with the retractable cable.

EZE-LAP Carbide Sharpener
Easy to use, just draw the carbides across the blade edge on the knife lightly and carefully. Repeat 3-5 times. Read sharpening directions on package.

Chum King
The Chum King is the #1 bait release product on the market today. You can fill the Chum-King with cut or live bait.

Ultimate Fish Scaler
Dread the tedious work and mess of scaling the fish? Now there's a solution.

Planer Kit
A complete outfit for hi-speed planner trolling. Ideal for catching Kingfish, Wahoo, Tuna or Grouper. Kit includes #8 hi-speed planner, 30ft rope, leader holder, double snap swivel, butterfly snap, rubberbands and storage case.

Stone Crab Cracker
A must for the Stone Crab lover! Simply place claw or knuckle under lower bar and press down firmly with handle. Once claw has cracked, do the same with knuckles. Then dip in sauce and enjoy.

SFE Fishing Kite The Ultimate Fishing Kite By SFE!
The high performance kite that simplifies kite fishing. It also eliminates the use of multiple kites, changing sticks and lost fishing time. Revolutionary new direct lift control bridle.

Williamson Live Little Tunny
The Little Tunny when trolled at 7 - 9 knots swims under the normal offshore trolling lures, adding another depth to your spread.

Stradic 5000FJ
The Stradic FJ Spinning Reel delivers unmatched smoothness during the cast and the retrieve that anglers around the world have come to appreciate.

Shimano Borona Tackle Storage Bags
Front zipper and Velcro opening for easy access. Holds 3 Plano boxes, 2 zipper side pockets, large top storage, 3/mesh pouches and padded strap for carrying.

Capt. Harry's Caribbean Shimano Blackfin Combos
A terrific choice for anglers desiring versatile combinations for sailfish, dolphin, wahoo, white
marlin or tuna. Rod features a slick butt, with turbo heavy-duty guides, reel seat and tip top.


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