The only subsurface trolling lure of its kind on the market today. This stainless steel trolling lure produces fish attracting flash and vibrating action like no other.

Braid Little Speedy
Braid's tail-beating, sub-surface plugs are thru-wired and swivel-connected to forged single hooks. Fished at 6 to 14 knots Giant Tuna can't resist them. 6".

Yo-Zuri Sashimi Bonita
The lure that has set the standards for traditional high speed trolling lures. The sashimi ribs generate a strong turbulent water flow that fish sense.

Rapala Countdown Sinking
A sinking lure that is designed to hold a pre-determined depth on the retrieve. Available in the following colors: Blue (B), Fire Tiger (FT), Silver (S).

Tony Accetta Pet Spoons
Combines the best features of other spoon-type baits with exclusive features of its own. Used effectively throughout the United States, as well as most foreign countries.

Capt. Harry's Rod Belt
An ABS gimbal belt that has a removable gimbal with a large padded cushion for extra protection. It has a 2" wide Velcro® belt that fits up to 48".

Wahoo Cigar
Custom made wahoo cable rigs. 480lb cable runs through the cigar with a coast-lock snap swivel. Used with high speed wahoo trolling lures.

Braid's Wahoo Bombs
Braids Bomb lure works well on Wahoo. Comes rigged with cable , 9/0 hook and spinner blade. Available in 4 colors.

Double Hook Wahoo Rig
This rig features two hooks positioned at 0°. Available with 7754 hooks or stainless 7732 hooks. Great for catching Wahoo.

Captain Harry's H2O Wicking Performance Wear
These shirts feature a lightweight 100% moisture wicking polyester mesh fabric. UPF 40 sun protection with a comfortable loose fit. Full back design with Capt. Harry's on the left sleeve.

Super Magnum Turbo and Double Cavitator
This cavitating lure has smoke rings, and a bright nickel-plated brass head. It is hollowed for ballyhoo or strip bait, and has a heavy-duty mylar vinyl skirt that attracts fish like no other.

Drone Spoons
Drone Spoons are made of solid, highly polished stainless that is totally unaffected by water conditions anywhere in the world. There is no plating to corrode, chip or peel.

Braid Marauder
A true tracking lure of choice for wahoo and tuna fishermen around the world. This lure can be pulled up to 12 knots. Has a vibrating action that drives fish wild and makes them bite!

Rapala Countdown Magnum
These lures are big and wide, with a contoured body design. With their unique lip construction, they turn into deep divers when retrieved or trolled. Available in multiple color combinations.

Grunden Gage Weather Watch Hooded Jacket and Bib
Waterproof, breathable, lightweight and durable. The most durable packable raingear available today. Available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

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