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Cortland IGFA Dacron

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*Cortland IGFA Dacron
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Shock-resistant, precision-braided coreless for easy splicing to eliminate knots, controlled stretch for greater hooking power. Splicing needle included in bulk spools. Available in greenspot unless noted. *Available in greenspot and black. **Available in black only.

Order ## TestYds / SpoolColorPrice
C94-1121330lb100 Yds$8.25
C94-1121950lb100 YdsGreenspot$9.95
C94-11219*50lb100 YdsBlack$9.95
C94-11425**80lb100 YdsBlack$10.95
C94-11429**130lb100 YdsBlack$12.95
C94-1151950lb600 YdsGreenspot$49.95
C94-64314*200lb300 YdsBlack$50.95
C94-1152580lb600 YdsGreenspot$59.95
C94-1181950lb800 YdsGreenspot$59.95
C94-11529130lb600 YdsGreenspot$69.95
C94-1182580lb800 YdsGreenspot$75.95
C94-1211020lb1200 YdsGreenspot$81.95
C94-1211330lb1200 YdsGreenspot$92.95
C94-11829130lb800 YdsGreenspot$95.95
C94-1211950lb1200 YdsGreenspot$101.95
C94-1212580lb1200 YdsGreenspot$131.95
C94-1241330lb100 Yds$139.95
C94-12129*130lb1200 YdsGreenspot$149.95
C94-1241950lb2500 YdsGreenspot$159.95
C94-12131*200lb1200 YdsBlack$169.95
C94-12425*80lb2500 YdsGreenspot$223.95
C94-12429130lb2500 Yds$259.95
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