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Sabiki Bait Rod

Sabiki Bait Rod Image

C78-03532 - $79.95

Product Details

The Sabiki Bait Rod was developed for fisherman who prefer catching live bait using the effective "Sabiki" bait rig. This hollow rod blank keeps the multiple hooks on each rig inside the tube keeping the hooks from grabbing your finger, clothes or anything else they come in contact with. Easy to use: take the line from the reel, run it up the hollow rod tube (with the line provided), attach a snap swivel to the line, and then attach a "Sabiki" rig to the snap swivel. The rig will run right up inside the rod when you are finished catching bait. A slick and easy way to fish for bait. Spin rod works only with hook sizes 6 - 12 for all Owner and Mustad rigs and hook size 6 for Commercial rigs.

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