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Strike Point Strip Ballyhoo Dredge Kits

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*Strike Point Strip Ballyhoo Dredge Kits
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Product Details

Kits come complete with fixed arm dredge, strips, and mesh storage bag. Ballyhoo strip available in Silver or Multi (Blue, Pink and Silver Fish).

Order #DescriptionLengthColorPrice
C53-052816 Arms, 7 Strips, 28 Ballyhoo12"Silver$96.95
C53-052996 Arms, 7 Strips, 28 Ballyhoo12"Multi Color$96.95
C53-052826 Arms, 13 Strips, 52 Ballyhoo24"Silver$121.95
C53-053006 Arms, 13 Strips, 52 Ballyhoo24"Multi Color$121.95
C53-052836 Arms, 19 Strips, 76 Ballyhoo36"Silver$159.95
C53-053026 Arms, 19 Strips, 76 Ballyhoo36"Multi Color$159.95
C53-052846 Arms, 19 Strips, 114 Ballyhoo36"Silver$219.95
C53-052856 Arms, 19 Strips, 156 Ballyhoo36"Silver$277.95
C53-053016 Arms, 19 Strips, 156 Ballyhoo36"Multi Color$277.95
6" Flying Fish

Bucket Dredge

Sailfish Dredge

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