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Avet MX Reels

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Avet MX reels are offered as either regular spool width or narrow spool width. Moderately priced with more features of many of the expense competitors. Features include: lever drag control system, preset drag feature, new cast control system (on in Avet), lightweight, 100% machined, 6 SS shielded BB and 9lb strike and 14lb full drag with free spool. * Denotes 2 Speed.

Order #Mfg #Gear RatioLine CapacityPrice
C72-00212MXJ5.85.8:1300 yds/20 lb$209.95
C72-00512MXL5.85.8:1360 yds/20 lb$219.95
C72-00312MXJ6/46.3:1/3.8:1300 yds/20 lb$299.95
C72-00612MXL6/46.3:1/3.8:1360 yds/20 lb$309.95
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