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Drone Spoons

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Drone Spoons are made of solid, highly polished stainless that is totally unaffected by water conditions anywhere in the world. There is no plating to corrode, chip or peel. Hooks are of the highest quality forged O'Shaughnessy pattern, with filed hollow points, double-tinned over cadmium plating. Unconditionally guaranteed against breakage. The rings are solid nickel silver, and are silver-soldered for greatest strength. Replacement hooks are available. Made in the USA. Click on image to see available colors.

Order #Mfg #LengthHook sizeColorPrice
C87-000050001 1/4 in6Silver$3.85
C87-00015001 3/4 in1/0Silver$5.50
C87-0002002 1/4 in3/0Silver$5.90
C87-000251/22 3/4 in4/0Silver$6.70
C87-0003013 1/4 in5/0Silver$7.50
C87-000351 1/23 3/4 in6/0Silver$8.55
C87-0004024 1/4 in7/0Silver$8.90
C87-000452 1/24 3/8 in8/0Silver$9.50
C87-0005035 1/4 in8/0Silver$10.35
C87-000553.55 1/2 in10/0Silver$11.45
C87-000603 1/2Z5 1/2 in9/0Silver$11.45
C87-000753 1/25 1/2 in10/0Silver w/Silver Flash$12.25
C87-000853 1/2 S/BLFS5 1/2 in10/0Silver w/Blue Flash$12.25
C87-000903 1/2 S/RFS SL5 1/2 in10/0Silver w/Red Flash$12.25
C87-001413 1/25 1/2 in10/0Chartreuse w/Silver Mirror$12.25
C87-001653 1/2 R/SFS5 1/2 in10/0Red w/Silver Flash$12.95
C87-005303 1/25 1/2 in10/0Black w/Red Flash$12.95
C87-005363 1/25 1/2 in10/0Black w/Purple Flash$12.95
C87-006253 1/2 GR/YFS5 1/2 in10/0Green w/ Chartreuse Flash$12.95
C87-091463 1/2 EGR/SKYF5 1/2 in10/0E-Green w/ Sky Blue Flash$12.95
C87-097473 1/2 EP/HPFS5 1/2 in10/0E-Purple w/ Hot Pink Flash$12.95
C87-100633 1/2 ERD/SFS5 1/2 in10/0E-Red w/ Silver Flash$12.95
C87-104033 1/2 ET/HPFS5 1/2 in10/0E-Teal w/ Hot Pink Flash$12.95
C87-107023 1/2 EO/YFS5 1/2 in10/0E-Orange w/ Yellow Flash$12.95
C87-110023 1/2 EV/PIFS5 1/2 in10/0E-Violet w/ Pink Flash$12.95
C87-0006546 1/4 in12/0Silver$14.60
C87-000704 1/28 1/8 in12/0Silver$16.95
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