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These sleeves are the best and surest way to make a trouble-free loop in any wire or monofilament line. It is important to use the proper size to avoid slippage.

Order #Mfg #MonoCoated WirePrice
C94-06611066114-8 lb$2.65
C94-06612066124-8 lb$2.65
C94-066130661314-8 lb 5-20 b$2.65
C94-066140661430-40 lb$2.65
C94-066150661550-60 lb$2.65
C94-066160661680 lb175lb$2.65
C94-0661706617100-125 lb275lb$4.60
C94-0661806618150 lb400lb$4.60
C94-0661906619165 lb$4.60
C94-0662006620185 lb$4.60
C94-0662106621200 lb600lb$4.60
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