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Cedar Plugs

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One of the most proven devices for catching Tuna. Also, ideal for wahoo, sailfish, yellowtail, marlin, dorado, stripers. Made from Red Cedar. Cast, troll and watch the swimming action that makes fish surrender. Rigged plugs feature 8ft of 130lb test monofilament line with a 10/0 Mustad hook. Rigged available in Plain and Red/White. Plain unrigged available in 6" or 8"sizes. Unrigged available in the following colors: Red/White, Black/Pink, Black/Green, Blue, Dorado, and Purple.

Order #DescriptionWeightLengthPriceSale Price
C53-10515Unrigged2 oz4 in$5.95$4.95
C54-10027Unrigged2.5 oz6 in$5.95$4.95
C53-10033Unrigged2.5 oz6 in$7.25$6.95
C53-10307Unrigged3 oz8 in$8.15$6.95
C53-01276Unrigged2.5 oz6 in$8.95$7.95
C53-01277Unrigged2.5 oz6 in$8.95$7.95
C53-01278Unrigged2.5 oz6 in$8.95$7.95
C53-10009Rigged3 oz6 in$8.95$7.95
C53-10112Rigged3 oz6 in$9.75$7.95
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