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Out with the old, in with the New. The traditional Bob Lewis Kites have been up graded. A new fabric weave kite has now taken the old six styles and combined them to four. Flying just as well, if not better. Now the kites fly X-tra Light/Light, Med/Heavy, X-tra Heavy, and Gale Force.

Order #DescriptionWind SpeedPrice
C66-05426Medium/Heavy10 - 20mph$99.95
C66-05425X-tra Light/Light4.5 - 10mph$104.95
C66-05427X-tra Heavy20 - 35mph$119.95
C66-05428Gale Force35mph and over$134.95
Elec-tra-mate 940-XP

Lindgren-Pitman S1200

Penn/Capt. Harry's Wire Line Combo

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