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Monofilament Line
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Momoi Diamond Mono

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*Momoi Diamond Mono
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Tougher finish provides superior abrasion resistance for extreme conditions. New formulation provides increased breaking and knot strength for comparable line diameters. Three colors to choose from: Blue Diamond, Clear Yellow Diamond, and Flo Yellow Diamond.

Order #Spool Size# TestYds / SpoolDiameterPrice
C94-1101212 lb1000 Yds.35mm$44.95
C94-1101616 lb1000 Yds.40mm$44.95
C94-1102020 lb1000 Yds.45mm$44.95
C94-1103030 lb1000 Yds.59mm$44.95
C94-1105050 lb1000 Yds.75mm$71.95
C94-1108080 lb1000 Yds.90mm$103.95
C94-3101616 lb3000 Yds.40mm$104.95
C94-3102020 lb3000 Yds.45mm$104.95
C94-3103030 lb3000 Yds.59mm$106.95
C94-11100100 lb1000 Yds1.0mm$147.95
C94-3105050 lb3000 Yds.75mm$167.95
C94-11130130 lb1000 Yds1.28mm$196.95
C94-11200200 lb1000 Yds1.45mm$201.95
C94-3108080 lb3000 Yds.90mm$243.95
C94-31100100 lb3000 Yds1.0mm$253.95
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