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Cortland Blackspot Spectron

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*Cortland Blackspot Spectron
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Spectron "Strength Of Steel", is braided with space age fibers, and combines a revolutionary low stretch polyethylene fiber. It features characteristics such as low diameter to strength ratio, low stretch creating unbelievable hook setting sensitivity and superior abrasion resistance that increases line capacity and repels water.

Order ## TestYds / SpoolDiameterPrice
C94-1730335 lb300 Yds.355 mm$34.95
C94-1730450 lb300 Yds.482 mm$39.95
C94-1730580 lb300 Yds.535 mm$46.95
C94-1912135 lb600 Yds.355 mm$65.95
C94-1912250 lb600 Yds.482 mm$67.95
C94-1730680 lb600 Yds.533 mm$79.95
C94-19033100 lb600 Yds.558 mm$99.95
C94-1730780 lb600 Yds.533 mm$119.95
C94-18112130 lb600 Yds.737 mm$119.95
C94-18115200 lb600 Yds1.06 mm$139.95
C94-1730880 lb1200 Yds.533 mm$159.95
C94-17310100 lb1200 Yds.558 mm$194.95
C94-18113130 lb1200 Yds.731 mm$199.95
C94-18116200 lb1200 Yds1.06 mm$229.95
C94-1815280 lb600 Yds.533 mm$299.95
C94-1815380 lb600 Yds.533 mm$349.95
C94-1815480 lb600 Yds.533 mm$399.95
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