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Battlewagon Bucket

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*Battlewagon Bucket
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The best sportfish bucket on the market! The bucket is made from thicker 90-mil material making it more robust then typical buckets that are usually about 70-mil. The Battlewagon Bucket™ uses massive 5/8" Mega-Braid™ line for the rope handle, so the grip is sure and comfortable no matter the load. Easy on the hands with heavy loads and superior grip with wet or slimy hands. No holes, no knots, stackable and features stainless hardware. These features make it the ultimate boat bucket.

Order #DescriptionPrice
C59-130833.5 Gallon White bucket with Black rope handle$18.95
C59-130805 Gallon White bucket with Black rope handle$22.95
C59-130815 Gallon White bucket with White rope handle$22.95
C59-130825 Gallon Black bucket with Black rope handle$22.95
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