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Kite Release Clip Wire

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*Kite Release Clip Wire
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A clip wire allows you to fish up to 4 lines on one kite. The Kite Release Clip Wire is available in four sizes that allows certain size swivels to run through it. The swivel will stop at each size it is made for. This allows you to put up bait on your kite line. If only fishing 3 lines you can use the fourth size to put up a line if one of the 3 you are fishing pops out. Clip sold separately.

Order #DescriptionPrice
C49-00664Clip Size #1 - Swivel Size #7$2.25
C49-00665Clip Size #2 - Swivel Size #5$2.25
C49-00666Clip Size #3 - Swivel Size #1$2.25
C49-00667Clip Size #4 - Swivel Size #2/0$2.30
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