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Umbrella Titanium Dredge

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*Umbrella Titanium Dredge
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The Umbrella Titanium Dredge is very versatile easy to travel with, and features, 2lb Stainless steel head, six 18" arms of the highest quality titanium making it a 36" spread and 13 drops. Two size arms available: Heavy - 3/16" dia and or Light Flexible - 1/8" dia. Both sizes fit in the same stainless steel head. After fishing you can unscrew the arms and store them with the rigged baits in a cooler to use at your next stop or the next day of fishing.

Order #DescriptionPrice
C24-770081/8" Light Flex Extra Individual Arm (1)$39.95
C24-770183/16" Heavy Extra Individual Arm (1)$45.95
C24-771181/8" Light Flex$229.95
C24-772183/16" Heavy$279.95
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