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Warbird Performance Signature Shirts
Features UPF50 protection, a comfortable lightweight fit and a quick dry fininsh to ensure you're a cut above the rest. Available in limited sizes.

Yeti Rambler
The Yeti Rambler is literally the "coolest" thing you need this year!

Octopus Rod Holder
Hand Made in the USA., Compact Design, 100% Weatherproof and Waterproof.

Designed specifically for the well-being of fisheries around the world the SeaQualizer™ is a device used to reverse the effects of barotrauma for deep water fish, eliminating the need for a venting tool.

12" Paddle Tail Dredge Shad
Use these 12in Shad to enhance the proformance of your dredge. Work great rigged under Canyon Gear Dredge Heads.

Ultimate Fish Scaler
Dread the tedious work and mess of scaling the fish? Now there's a solution. With the Ultimate Fish Scaler you can effortlessly scale fish in a quarter of the time that it would take using a traditional fish scaler.

Dorsal Hulk Gear Bag
The Hulk Duffle bag was designed for the adventurer. It's spacious compartment offers enough room to pack all your gear for those extended excursions we all dream about.

Strike Point Strip Sardine Dredge Kits
Kits come complete with fixed arm dredge, strips, and mesh storage bag. Sardine Strip available in Silver.

Canyon Gear Heavy Duty Dredge Pin Rigs
Available in two styles: "Naked" just for bait or "Dredge Head" for both the lure and bait.

Rigged Man Stretch Plug
Because dredge systems tend to "float" when pulled behind the boat, some type of weight either as part of the dredge or attached in front of the dredge is needed.

Battlewagon Bucket
The best sportfish bucket on the market! The bucket is made from thicker 90-mil material making it more robust then typical buckets that are usually about 70-mil.

The Boomerang Snip
Retractable heavy duty cutter. Conveniently attach anywhere with the retractable cable.

Starfire II
250,000 candlepower. Submersible, halogen light for nighttime fishing. Can be used from the boat or dock. Ideal for catching shrimp and lobster at night. 50-watt halogen bulb, 12 volt DC/3.5 amp draw.

A 10' 2 piece harpoon designed with the highest grade of components. Rigid, with a lightweight shaft and a bronze dart head. A must, when you are pursuing the heavy weights: Tuna, Swordfish and Sharks.

Capt. Harry's Fish Bat
Three sharpening steps in one tool (sharpens, hones, and polishes / straightens the edge).

Columbia Cool Catch Zero Long Sleeve Shirts
Sweat-activated cooling. Omni-Freeze zero's blue rings react with sweat to lower the temperature of the material, so you feel cooler.


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