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Born on the rugged coast of the dark continent of Africa where world class fish are found, Williamson has been manufacturing lures for decades for those who thrive on the challenge of finding and conquering the worlds' largest fish. A hard won knowledge and a sincere passion for offshore angling assures that there's a Williamson lure to fill every spot in any saltwater spread. When it's all on the line, make sure Williamson is on yours.
Live Ballyhoo Hybrid Lure Image Live Ballyhoo Hybrid Lure
The Live Ballyhoo Hybrid is a combination of a conventional pusher style head with a durable paddle tail body. The double surface and bubble action results in an irresistible presentation for all billfish and large gamefish species. Features: Patented Wing and Tail Design, Life-Like Swimming Action and bubble trail, Large 3D eye, Patented Hook Locking System, Embedded Life-like Holographic Foil, Trolls up to 9 knots, Pre-Rigged with VMC Perma Steel Hook and Sufix Monofilament. Available in colors: Black, Blue, Blue Makerel, Green Mackerel, Natural and Chartreuse. 7 inch Lure. Originally $11.50 Now Only $ $6.95!!!
Sailfish Catcher Lure Image Sailfish Catcher Lure
This concave pusher design is a great little lure to use in conjunction with a strip bait or Ballyhoo. Features rear Ballyhoo rigging spring cavity and comes pre-rigged with 5ft of 130lb Sufix mono leader and a VMC 8/0 hook. Available in colors: Black/Purple (BK/PR), Bonito (BO), Dolphin (BD), and Halloween (HW).
Dorado Catcher Lure Image Dorado Catcher Lure
This flat-faced pusher style features a large cavity in the rear of the head specially designed to take a ballyhoo rigging spring. This allows you to get the bait in close to the head and skirt of the lure, giving the bait better protection at desired higher rolling speeds. Comes pre-rigged with 5ft of 130lb Sufix mono leader and a VMC 8/0 hook. Available in colors: Black/Purple (BK/PR), Bonito (BO), Dolphin (BD), Halloween (HW).
Tuna Catcher Image Tuna Catcher
The Tuna Catcher lure features an acrylic bullet head that holds its troll up to 9 knots. Comes pre-rigged with 5ft of 130lb Sufix mono leader and a VMC 8/0 hook. Available in colors: Black/Purple (BK/PR), Bonito (BO), Dolphin (BD), Halloween (HW).
Live Swimming Ballyhoo Combo Image Live Swimming Ballyhoo Combo
Using the combination of the Sailfish Catcher and swimming paddle tail ballyhoo, this lure swims. Has fast actions, swims up to 7 knots, holographic 3D eyes, paddle tail embedded with life like Holographic foil. Pre-rigged. Available in colors: Bonito/Blue Halloween Blue and Natural.
Diamond Jet Feather with Sonic Strip Image Diamond Jet Feather with Sonic Strip
Trolls to 10 knots, has jet head and sonic strip to make some extra action for a fish attractor. Available sizes: 5" & 7". Starting at only $9.95!!
Flash Feather Lure Image Flash Feather Lure
Pre-rigged baits that are great for Mackerel, bluefish, dolphin, and tuna. Available in two sizes and the following colors: Blue/White (BLW), Black/Purple (BKPR), Yellow/Green (YG) and Pink/White (PW). Comes Pre-Rigged.
Live Ballyhoo Combo Image Live Ballyhoo Combo
This classic setup comes pre-rigged and ready to add extra commotion to your spread. Scoop head Sailfish Catcher adds the attraction of smoke and bubble trail to Williamson Ballyhoo, an irresistible combination for Dorado, Tuna, Yellowfins, Sailfish and smaller Billfish. Pre-rigged with 6' of 100lb line. Available in colors: Halloween/Blue (HWBL), Hot Pink/Blue (HPBL), Black Purple/Black (BKPR), Bonito/Blue (BOBL).
Williamson Live Little Tunny Image Williamson Live Little Tunny
The Little Tunny when trolled at 7 - 9 knots swims under the normal offshore trolling lures, adding another depth to your spread. Troll it at fast or slow speeds and the life-like swimming action will catch all salt predator species. Features New Dynacut Point VMC ™ hooks and patented hook locking system. Comes pre-rigged with 12' of 500lb line. Available in Bonita and Yellowfin color. Now only $10.95!!
Live Mackerel Image Live Mackerel
A favorite bait of big predators like Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna and Wahoo the "Live Mackerel" exactly imitates the swimming action of the real thing. Multiple rigging ports for easy and varied rigging. Swims out of the package at 6 knots, no tuning needed. Can also be trolled on a flat line under your favorite spread mix of surface lures and teasers. Features the Williamson Lure patented "Hook Lock" system that assures the hook is presented perfectly to meet the strike. Available in Blue (BL) and Green (GR). 2 pk. Rigged with 8/0 Hook and 5' of 130 lb Mono. Length 7".
Live Williamson Goggle Eye Lure Image Live Williamson Goggle Eye Lure
With an extra large holographic eye and swimming paddle tail action, the Live Goggle Eye is so life-like it will even fool the most wary of fish. This lure will run up to 7 knots and the patented "Hook Lock" system ensures perfect hook presentation and maximum strike efficiency. Comes pre-rigged with VMC 9/0 Perma Steel Hook and 6ft of 130lbs of premium mono. Lenght 7 in. Available in Blue and Olive. Originally $13.95 Now Only $7.95!!!

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