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Extremely powerful, lightweight, high energy spinning and casting rods give you unbelievable distance and accuracy. Capt. Harry's offers our Custom Spinning Rods as well as Spinning Rods from Shimano, Shakespear and the all NEW Hopper Rods.
Capt. Harry's Spinning Custom Hopper Rods Image Capt. Harry's Spinning Custom Hopper Rods
We haven take our Hopper ® Rods to the next level. Designed for jigging, or live baiting and/or chunking for tuna, these rods are the perfect compliment to the new lightweight reels with heavy drags for braided lines. Available in either spin or conventional styles. These rods combined with the correct reels take the "work" out of tuna fishing. Made in the USA.Spin Custom Hopper RodsFeatures Blue/Silver reel seat and Fuji Alconite guides and tip top.
Shakespeare Ugly Stick Travel Pack Rods Image Shakespeare Ugly Stick Travel Pack Rods
Going backing? Or on a trip? These are perfect rods to throw in a suitcase or pack and not have to worry about extra luggage.
Disney's Frozen Shakespeare Kids Combo Image Disney's Frozen Shakespeare Kids Combo
Frozen is a stunning big screen comedy adventure that features Anna, a fearless optimist who sets off on an epic jurney to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter.  Along the way Anna teams up with a rugged mountain man Kristoff, his loyal reindeer Sven and a hilarious snowman named Olaf.  This 2'6" all in one rod and reel with line will make you any kids favorite!
Capt. Harry's Spinning Rods Image Capt. Harry's Spinning Rods
Designed to match the Tournament Black Series. Spins use Estfin blanks trimmed in gold and red, all Fuji® hardware and veltex foregrip and butt. With 6 guides plus tip. *Denotes gimbal. +Denotes Gimbal and slick butt.
Capt. Harry's Caribbean CS Spinning Rods Image Capt. Harry's Caribbean CS Spinning Rods
Matching Spinning rods feature lightweight e-glass blanks for durability, veltex butt and foregrip, graphite reel seat and aluminum gimbal.
Hopper Jigging Spin Rods Image Hopper Jigging Spin Rods
Made of bonded and woven fiberglass/graphite blanks, Fuji conventional SIC and Spin Hardoloy guides. Fuji reel seats complete these feather light and extremely powerful rods. The parabolic Hopper Rods are hollow inside with half the weight of a comparable 50-pound conventional rod. These are the strongest rods we have ever seen!
Sailfish Spin Rods Image Sailfish Spin Rods
Sailfish Rods are designed with the south Florida tournament Sailfish fisherman in mind. Available in conventional or spin, these rods may be cast, trolled or used in conjunction with a kite. MFG#: SH S20, Class: 20lb, Rod Length: 7'.
Spinning Rods Image Spinning Rods
Designed to match the rest of the "Destination" Series, these rods feature all Fuji reel seats, guides and tips. Lighter models have veltex butts and foregrips while the 20 and 30 models use slick butts.
Shakespeare Ugly Stick Spin Rods Image Shakespeare Ugly Stick Spin Rods
Ugly Stick and Ugly Stick Big Water series feature Shakespeare's exclusive "Howald Process" construction. The inner spiral of Graphite provides superior hoop strength, while the outer longitudinal epoxy impregnated glass filaments provide the even flex distribution. All Ugly Stick rods have 60 day/5 year limited warranty. *Gimbal Butt **2-pc. Conventional.

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