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These are the very finest lures, developed by professional Captain Frank Crescitelli and his team of captains and local “sharpies.” After guiding thousands of clients to tens of thousands of fish, they know what works, and now, so will you.
M-80 Popper Lures Image M-80 Popper Lures
Make the water explode with this big popper. Whether fishing for big fish in a bug surf or pulling fish up from the deep with a big commotion, the M-80 Popper is your lure. Use it like a conventional popper or with a pop-pause retrieve for great results. Available in colors: 3D Bunker (3DB), Chartreuse Pearl Belly (CHT), White/Red Head (WRH), and Yellow White Belly/Red Gills (YWB).
Mucho Minnow Plug Image Mucho Minnow Plug
This shallow swimming, floating plug has "wag and wobble" when reeled in straight. Vary Mucho Minnow Plug speed for different action. Twitch & Stop with rod and reel to create a "death roll" action. Available in colors: 3D Bunk (3DB), Black/Silver (BLK/S), Chartreuse/White Belly (CHT/P), and Yellow/White Belly (YWB).

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