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Billy Baits Image

Billy Baits

Billy Baits are designed for high speed trolling and are precision matched to exacting tolerances includeing Billy's special 360 degree turbulence ring. These lures are ideal for any gamefish
Billy Witch Image Billy Witch
Just enough weight to keep the bait down. Nylon hair is hand tied, just the right amount of hair not to hide the bait or strip you're trolling. Available in colors: Blue/White (03), Pink/White (12), Chartreuse (17), Black/Purple (18), Black/Red (19), and Purple/Pink (25).
Master Hooker Image Master Hooker
The Master Hooker is designed with a jet head and rattles for smoke and turbulence trails. Best trolling speed is 2 - 10 knots, Available in colors: Blue/Silver (15), Blue/Pink (16), Red/Black (17), Green/Gold/Pink (18), Pearl/Pink (19), and Green/Silver/White (24).
Mini Turbo Slammer Image Mini Turbo Slammer
This lure has a magnetic attractor to catch fish. Constructed with a bright nickel-plated brass head and flash mylar skirt. Use with or without bait. Available in colors: Blue/Silver (15), Blue/Fuchsia (16), Black/Red (17), Green/Gold (18), Pearl (19).
Mr. Big Image Mr. Big
Great for high speed trolling. Available in the following colors: Green/Chartreuse/Pink Stripe (10), Black/Purple (12) Black/Red (13) and Shelter Cove (14).
Smoke, Rattle & Troll Image Smoke, Rattle & Troll
This trolling lure attracts gamefish with its rattle and smoke trail. Available in the following colors: Green/Chartreuse/Pink Stripe (10), Black/Purple (12) Black/Red (13) and Shelter Cove (14).
Super Magnum Turbo & Double Cavitator Image Super Magnum Turbo & Double Cavitator
This cavitating lure has smoke rings, and a bright nickel-plated brass head. It is hollowed for ballyhoo or strip bait, and has a heavy-duty mylar vinyl skirt that attracts fish like no other. Use with downriggers, planers or for surface trolling. Lures are designed for noise and turbulance, with or without bait, at high or low speeds. Available in colors: Pink Tiger Stripe (09), Green/Chartreuse/Pink Stripe (10), Glow/Yellow/ Clear (11), Black/Purple (12), Black/Red (13), Shelter Cove (14), Blue Glow (03).
Super Smoker Image Super Smoker
Billy Baits unique inner and outer jets create incredible skirt action and longer smoke trails when trolled 6-20 knots. 7". Available in colors: Green/Tiger Stripe (14), Green/Chartreuse/Pink (10), Black/Red (18), Blue /Chartreuse (19).

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