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Mirro Mullet Plug Image Mirro Mullet Plug
Mirro Mullet is a surface walking plug. It closely resembles a finger mullet, and is a favorite forage for all coastal predators. Available in colors: Green Back/Silver (49), Bone/Orange (BNSBO), Blue/Chartreuse (CHBL) and Electric Blue (EB).
MirrOdine Plug Image MirrOdine Plug
This plug features extra strong hooks, life like patterns and colors, and 3D eyes. Also features a luminescence foil insert and a sonic rattle that both attract fish. Depth 0-2'. Available in three sizes and the following colors: Red Head (11), Green/White (18), Black/White (21), Green Back/Silver (49), Orange/Gold (88) and Chartreuse/Pearl/Silver (CFPR).
Mirrominnow Twitchbait Image Mirrominnow Twitchbait
Designed to mimic a glass minnow. Suspend at 10" - 12" and darts from side to side. Ideal for shallow water or near surface waters. Available in colors: Pink/Clear/Chart (EC), Bone/Orange (BNSBO), and Green Back/Silver (49).
Popa Dog Plug Image Popa Dog Plug
The Popa Dog features a unique concave lip design and head shape to create a surface commotion. It also makes a unique popping sound between the concave lip and the rattle chamber that attracts fish from afar. Available in colors: Red Head (11), Orange/Gold (88) and Blue/Chartreuse (CHBL).
Trolling Lures Image Trolling Lures
Provide an enticing side-to-side swimming action at all trolling speeds to attract fish at various depths. Available in colors: Red Head (11), Green/White (18), Green/Yellow (19), Black/White (21), Blue/White (24).
Twitchbaits Image Twitchbaits
Designed to catch game fish on the surface or when suspended to depths of 30 feet. Available in colors: Red Head (11), Green/White (18), Black/White (21), Blue/White (24), Black/Orange/Chartreuse (75) and Chartreuse (Blue CHBL).

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