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Look to Malin for the number one choice in leader wire. We offer a selection of leader wire, stainless steel cable and nylon coated wire. We also offer wire tools and a steel grip guard.
The Fugu Knot Tightener Image The Fugu Knot Tightener
Keep it on your keychain or in your tackle box. The Fugu makes quick time of tightening knots on hooks and swivels.
Straight Mate Image Straight Mate
Economical wire straightener.
Malin Stainless Leader Wire Image Malin Stainless Leader Wire
The finest grade USA-made stainless steel single strand leader wire is coffee color, strong and reusable. Can be twisted to eliminate the use of sleeves and crimping from the end of your line to the hook. Made in the USA.
Titanium Leader Image Titanium Leader
Single strand nickel titanium that stretches like monofilament. Can be rigged with a simple Albright or clinch knot. More cut proof or kink proof then stainless steel wire. 30ft coils.
Malin Malon Nylon Coated Wire Image Malin Malon Nylon Coated Wire
Malon features seven strands of stainless steel, twisted for strength and coated with a tough, durable nylon. Flexible easy to handle when bringing a fish over the side, won't kink! *30' Coil comes with 12 sleeves.
Stainless Steel Cable Image Stainless Steel Cable
Highly flexible, kink-resistant, 49 strand cable; just right for leaders, spreaders, downriggers and bottom fishing.
Curl-Eez Image Curl-Eez
Curl around leader/line to keep together, around hook tip for protection or use a stiffener. Just stretch and wrap. 25 Curl-eez per pack. See in use on item "wind on leaders".
E/Z Twist Image E/Z Twist
With the DuBro E/Z Twist, you easily wrap single strand wire into a perfect "haywire" twist.
E/Z Twist Pro Image E/Z Twist Pro
The E/Z Twist Pro is so simple to use, you can make your own custom wire leaders with ease. Works on 5-12 and up to 22 gauge single strand wire. Features include: make the eye right on the unit, wraps loose or tight, make haywire twist and barrel wrap and professional consistent look.
Wire Straightener Image Wire Straightener
Fits right into your hand, simply clamp the straightener onto the wire and pull - leaders come out straight.
Steel Grip Finger Saver Image Steel Grip Finger Saver
Finger Guards protect your fingers and thumbs from cuts, burns, scratches, and abrasions. Use while pulling line, wire or lifting fish.

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