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Braid Products is committed to moving the sport forward by providing anglers around the world the finest in lures, fighting belts, harnesses, and accessories.
Braid Marauder Image Braid Marauder
A true tracking lure of choice for wahoo and tuna fishermen around the world. This lure can be pulled up to 12 knots. Has a vibrating action that drives fish wild and makes them bite! Has two swivel single hooks. Available in colors: Black/Orange (42), Black/Purple (04), Bonito (12), Skipjack (09), Yellowfin Tuna (24).
Braid's Wahoo Bombs Image Braid's Wahoo Bombs
Braids Bomb lure works well on Wahoo. Comes rigged with cable , 9/0 hook and spinner blade. Available in colors: Blue/Purple (04), Red/Black (06), Purple/Pink (31), Dorado (40), and Blue/Silver (51).
Braid Little Speedy Image Braid Little Speedy
Braid's tail-beating, sub-surface plugs are thru-wired and swivel-connected to forged single hooks. Fished at 6 to 14 knots Giant Tuna can't resist them. 6". Available in colors: Skipjack (09), Dorado (40), and Black/Purple (04).
Braidrunner Image Braidrunner
The only subsurface trolling lure of its kind on the market today. This stainless steel trolling lure produces fish attracting flash and vibrating action like no other. It has 5 different trolling positions so it can troll at different depths, trolling between 8 - 11 knots. Available in colors: Black/Purple (04), Gold/Orange (35), Blue/White (51) and Shad (53).

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