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Conventional Reels

This class of reels is the one you need to go big game fishing. These fishing reels are built to a higher standard providing ultimate strength and durability. Capt. Harry's Fishing Supply carries the largest selection of Big Game Reels including Penn, Shimano, Duel, Accurate and Alutecnos. Available in single speed and 2 speed reels, which are great for stand-up big game fishing.
Avet Image Avet
Avet reels have been designed to revolutionize the conventional saltwater reel market. Features include 6 stainless steel ball bearings for incredible smoothness, increased casting distance and free spool. Drags are carbon fiber with stainless steel drag plates on JX and LX models, while EX and T-RX utilize titanium drag plates. No other reels provide an ultra smooth drag and the ability to free spool at a full drag setting. Avet reels are available in gold, silver, gun metal grey, or blue. Unless specified all reels will be shipped in silver. Call or e-mail us at for other Avet reels not shown. All models are also available in left hand by special order.
Daiwa Corporation Image Daiwa Corporation
Introducing Daiwa's new Saltist ™ with "Full-Metal Jacket" construction and designed for today's ultra-strong braids. Features include: rugged all-metal construction with one piece aluminum frame, 4 ball bearings and roller bearing, Daiwa's CRBB anti-corrosion spool bearings, 30% greater winding power, dual anti reverse system, and dual position power handle.
Penn Products Image Penn Products
Combining the toughness of the legendary Penn reels with higher gear ratios, Penn conventional reels give serious saltwater anglers the best of both worlds; power and speed. Penn conventional reels are ready for your next challenge
Shimano America Image Shimano America
Offshore fishing really puts tackle to the test. No matter the opponent, giant bluefin tuna on 130lb, blue marlin on 80lb or sailfish on 16lb Shimano has the conventional reels necessary to land these fish trip after trip.
Daiwa Corporation Image Daiwa Corporation
One turn of the handle and you'll feel the difference Daiwa's gear design makes. Super-smooth, super-powerful, it's that unmistakable feel of quality. Yet with all its advanced features, Daiwa's spinning reels very affordable price make it an exceptional value.
Fin-Nor Image Fin-Nor
When a name has been around as long as Fin-Nor it becomes more than a brand of fishing tackle. It becomes part of the fabric of a glorious sport. 381 World Records have been set with Fin-Nor reels including Alfred Glassell's 1560lb Black Marlin caught in 1953 while filming Hemmingway's Old Man and the Sea (a record that still stands today). It is only fitting that the first true mega spinner designed to handle large offshore gamefish bear the name of this legendary company. Features include aluminum rotor and side plate, machined ss drive gear, pinion gear and center shaft, oversized multi-stack offshore drag system, and 4.4:1 gear ratio.
Okuma Image Okuma
The Okuma focus is a pure and total dedication to development, raising the standards of what we can produce and what is expected, with an eye always to value. Okuma finds inspiration in fishermen, from the weekend warrior to tournament pros.
Penn Products Image Penn Products
Penn Spinning Reels feature designs for improved performance and reliability. Holding true to Penn tradition, their Spinning Reels are constructed to withstand the harsh saltwater environment, while providing unsurpassed performance.
Quantum Image Quantum
Quantum's spinning reels are truly world-class and lead the way in both value and performance. Whether you're fishing the Keys and the Gulf, or charting new territory in the islands of the Pacific, Quantum spinning reels are built to take on any challenge.
Shimano America Image Shimano America
Saltwater fishing demands certain features of a reel to handle the abuse of a corrosive environment as well as a stubborn, drag burning game fish. The spinning reels Shimano makes have addressed those concerns taken into account. They offer reels that have smooth drags with plenty of line capacity and the advanced inner workings to handle day in and day out conditions that fishermen encounter on the water.
Electric reels are designed for fisherman to the full enjoyment of fighting the fish and feeling the pull without the hard work and tiring effort of cranking. The angler still sets the drag depending on the line choice and fishing conditions and has the choice of playing the fish by letting the drag hold on the up stroke and winding in on the down stroke or in allowing the motor to do all the work.
The "All New" TEEZER REEL is designed for flat installation under T-Tops, Hardtops, Marlin Towers and Radar Arches. Teasers reels are an absolute necessity if you are serious about fishing teasers. They are a simple but important piece of equipment whose main purpose is to hold enough line to allow the captain to control teasers from the bridge. Some captains prefer electric rigs because of the added convenience they offer when winding in the teaser at the end of the day, while others like the simplicity of manual outfits.
Capt. Harry's offers many fishing reel accessories like reel covers, cases and safety straps that will go a long way in protecting your fishing reel investment.
Release Reels Image Release Reels
This Made in the USA reel line is a real work horse.  Don't let the size of these reels fool you.  Great for inshore and off.  These high quality reels have something for everything.

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