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Hook Removers and Sharpeners Image

Hook Removers and Sharpeners

Keep your hook points shark with out selection of hook sharpeners. Also make quick work of removing the hook from the fish with our selection of fish hook extractors.
Capt. Harry's Bait Dehooker Image Capt. Harry's Bait Dehooker
Custom made to match our Capt. Harry's brand rods. Use to remove bait fish from quill rigs and gold hooks without touching the fish. It floats, so dropping it over board is no longer a worry. Made in the USA.
SeaQualizer Image SeaQualizer
Designed specifically for the well-being of fisheries around the world, the SeaQualizer â„¢ is a device used to reverse the effects of barotrauma for deep water fish, eliminating the need for a venting tool. There are three depth settings at which it is designed to release at. Once the depth has been selected you lower it into the water attached to the line of a fishing rod and a lead large enough to sink the fish suffering from barotrauma. By pulling the fish down closer to the depth it was caught at the fish will re-compress without having to vent or poke the fish which can create even more harm. If fish are not properly vented you can puncture one of their organs and/or infect the fish with bacteria from unsterile venting needles. Since the SeaQualizer is pressure activated there is no way for the fish to be prematurely released, which can happen with other tools. Through proper use and implementation the SeaQualizer can help the longevity of resources for generations to come. Made in the USA.
R&R Wrist Lanyard Bait De-Hooker Image R&R Wrist Lanyard Bait De-Hooker
This de-hooker comes with a wrist lanyard which allows you to keep de-hooking at your fingertips.
Fish Hook Extractor Image Fish Hook Extractor
Patented stainless steel fish hook extractor. It works faster, safer and cuases less harm to your catch than any other tool.
Diamond Stones for Docks & Gunwales Image Diamond Stones for Docks & Gunwales
These stones are made with counter sunk holes for mounting on docks, boats or fish boxes. No oil or water is necessary. Fine Grit. Grit Chart Super Fine = 1200 Grit Fine = 600 Grit Medium = 400 Grit
Baker Hookout Image Baker Hookout
Made like surgical pistor grip forcepts, it's the disgorger for quick and safe removal of hooks and lures of all sizes. The only disgorger not requiring a taut line to act as duige to hook. Powerful spring operated No-Slip Jaws. Available in cadmium-tin plated construction. Hook size: 6 1/2.
Bait De-Hooker Image Bait De-Hooker
You'll never have to look for your bait De-Hooker again. This handy little device was designed by a professional bait fishermen in South Florida. The Bait D-Hooker fits comfortably on either hand and is out of your way until you need it. For the freshest most lively baits, release them into your live well untouched. Each.
Flat Diamond Pocket Stones Image Flat Diamond Pocket Stones
These diamond stones come with leather sheaths, and are perfect for knives and hooks. Grooved for fish hooks, the surface will remain true and flat. No oil or water is necessary. Fine Grit.
Diamond Hone & Stone Model L Image Diamond Hone & Stone Model L
These diamond pads are 3/4" x 2" and are very effective in hard to reach places. They are mounted on a 6" plastic handle, and used primarily for sharpening hooks and knives. Grit Chart Fine = 600 Grit Medium = 400 Grit
Bait Remover Image Bait Remover
Use to remove bait fish from quill rigs and gold hooks without touching the fish. Simply catch line and pull down to hook. While keeping pressure on line and hook, shake bait fish until unhooked.
R&R Dehooker Image R&R Dehooker
Made with an epoxy foam handle that will glow in the dark. Also features a stainless steel "R" hook for easy bait release. It floats.
Steel File & Case Image Steel File & Case
This high quality 8" steel file comes with a sturdy handle and leather case.
Model CP212 Big Game Hook Sharpener Image Model CP212 Big Game Hook Sharpener
Ergonomic grip for comfort, high carbon steel files molded into handle, fast and easy to use.
Steel File Image Steel File
This high quality 8" steel file will give you more surface to sharpen the bigger hooks.
Sharp Hook File Image Sharp Hook File
Top quality high-carbon steel file with ultra fine cutting edge for sharpening hook to a razor sharp point. 4" blade.
Hook Stone Image Hook Stone
A small hand stone with a groove in it for hook sharpening. The perfect size to fit in your tackle box tray.

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