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Universal Downrigger Gimbal Mount By Elec-tra-mate Image Universal Downrigger Gimbal Mount By Elec-tra-mate
This mount is designed to fit in a boat's rod holder for easy removal at the end of the fishing trip. Features Marine Aluminum that is black powder coated for longer life and lasting beauty. Fits all Cannon, Penn, and Scotty downriggers. Model UDM-1. Made in the USA.
Double Snap & Swivel 2PK Image Double Snap & Swivel 2PK
Use with planers and downriggers. 135 lb # test.
Aftco® Downrigger Clip Image Aftco® Downrigger Clip
Super lightweight design and extremely corrosion resistant. Engineered not to foul or tangle and has less line wear and smoother releases. The downrigger release clip should be attached directly to the cable above the downrigger ball. When the fish strikes the clip snaps open to release the line.
Black's Downrigger Release Clip Assembly Image Black's Downrigger Release Clip Assembly
Simply snap the release clip assembly on to the existing terminal end of your downrigger. Assembly allows the ball to remain safely in the water while you attach your fishing line. Constructed of 135lb nylon coated stainless steel wire and thimbles, with snap lock and swivel.
Black's Flat Line Release Clip Image Black's Flat Line Release Clip
Allows baits to be trolled below the surface and keeps lines from being wind blown into other lines causing tangles. Simply snap the release clip assembly to a rope cleat, transom ring or dive platform on the transom of the boat. Made in the USA.
Quick Snatch Line Release System Image Quick Snatch Line Release System
This versatile quick snatch custom fishing line release is used for downriggers, flat lines, outriggers and planer boards. Designed for high-speed trolling and slow light tackle use. Fully adjustable and corrosion free.
Planer Kit Image Planer Kit
A complete outfit for hi-speed planner trolling. Ideal for catching Kingfish, Wahoo, Tuna or Grouper. Kit includes #8 hi-speed planner, 30ft rope, leader holder, double snap swivel, butterfly snap, rubberbands and storage case. Originally $44.95 On Sale $37.95!
Sea Striker Hi-Speed Planer Image Sea Striker Hi-Speed Planer
Planers have helped anglers in both freshwater and saltwater catch a remarkable number of gamefish. Planers will work with all types of lures and baits. The Hi-Speed Planer is used often on wire cable to make a downrigger, and will give you the extra diving power to work well in most fishing situations. Trolling speed up to 18 knots.
Planer Cable Release Assembly Image Planer Cable Release Assembly
Use with planer, provides a quick release and allows you to free-fight the fish. Assembled with a 480lb 36" test cable, Black's release clip, H.D. swivel and 4/0 Rosco snap swivel.
Z Wings Image Z Wings
Z wings take a lot of the guess work out of downrigger fishing. The smooth hydrodynamic design puts you in complete control of depth and lateral location of your line. This means you can maintain a constant depth and consistent tracking over your range of trolling speeds without having to adjust weights and cable. You'll see only the results - catching the fish you're after! Available in Black (BLK) and Yellow (YEL). Made in the USA.

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