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Nets & Buoys

Catch all the bait you need with our selection of cast nets from Betts and Westcoast nets. We also feature Stow Master collapsable nets, bridge nets, bait nets, big fish nets from Loki and buoy's including the Supermark Marker Buoy.
Aftco Gold Series Bait Nets Image Aftco Gold Series Bait Nets
The Aftco Gold Series bait nets feature woven polyester netting, a commercial-grade, knotless, bait-friendly mesh, and is designed to last for many seasons of heavy use. They are perfect for scooping the most delicate of baits. The D-shaped stainless steel net hoops are available in 8" and 10" widths, which allow for easy capture of the liveliest baits because they will reach into the corners of the baitwells.
Moonlighter Cast Nets Image Moonlighter Cast Nets
A full 6 panel handcrafted double knotted construction. Has 1.5 pounds of lead per running foot. Stiff double lead line, prevents lead moving and retains opening longer. Aussie swivel for maximum rotation, a large horn with 120 pound braille lines. 23ft of hand line in a blue mesh carrying bag for easy storage and carrying.
Nylon Bait Net Image Nylon Bait Net
8 inch pocket.
Super Pro Cast Nets Image Super Pro Cast Nets
These professional nets are designed to open and sink fast. Features include double selvaged top and bottom, extra fast sink rate and 30% more material for true circumference opening. Extra heavy lead makes these nets very effective in deep water.
Professional Series Bait Cast Nets Image Professional Series Bait Cast Nets
A truly professional cast net with nickel-plated swivel, mono draw strings, 1-lb of lead per foot of net. Double selvaged top and bottom, the black handline is braided to the swivel. Handline extra solid braided lead line, knot-resistant thread.
Old Salt Series Cast Nets Image Old Salt Series Cast Nets
Nets made with mono draw strings, packed in reusable vinyl bag. Each net is made with a professional plastic horn. Complete with "How to use instructions." All nets listed below have 3/8" mesh and 3/4" stretch.
Super Pro Glass Minnow Cast Nets Image Super Pro Glass Minnow Cast Nets
3/16 mesh mono cast nets.
Big Fish Nets Image Big Fish Nets
These nets are 100% nylon and treated with green net guard preservative. The aluminum handles with finger grips and bows are fitted with either a cycolac or aluminum connecting block which allows the sliding handle to close for space saving storage. Excessive shipping charges based on dimensional weight.
Monolene Nylon Replacement Nets Image Monolene Nylon Replacement Nets
100% Nylon Replacement Nets.
Bait Dip Nets Loki Nets Image Bait Dip Nets Loki Nets
A combination of monorail aluminum and 3/16" mesh nylon bag makes this series ideal for handling small fish or bait.
Surermark Marker Buoy Image Surermark Marker Buoy
A fast, easy and accurate way to mark a spot for fishing or diving. Attach a 4lb weight, throw over, and line will un-reel from the buoy and weight will stop when it reaches the bottom. When retreiving the buoy, there is a crank handle for a fast pickup. Comes with 300ft of line and an orange flag. Weight not included
Buoy Image Buoy
Red and Black, used as marker, anchor retriever, fenders.
Stainless Steel Anchor Ring Image Stainless Steel Anchor Ring
Attached to buoy and used to retrieve anchor.

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