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Dredges & Spreaders

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Dredges & Spreaders

Spreader bars and Dredges are professionally rigged to perfection. Any of these Spreader Bar's or Dredges are sure to enhance your spread with more action and the best presentation. Spreader Bars resemble small groups of prey by making a commotion on the surface. Several daisy chains of lures or baits dangling from a thin metal rod comprise a spreader bar, distributing the trailing baits over a wide area. The baits on the bar serve as hookless attractors, but the last one on the center line holds a hook for hungry attackers intent on enjoying easy pickings. Predators zero in on this "stinger" hook-bait because it mimics a weak straggler trying to catch up to the school. Working like 3-D spreader bars, Dredges pull chains of lures or baits behind four to six arms fanned out around a central pull point. These devices mimic a bait ball and help put curious game fish in a feeding mood. Unlike spreader bars, dredges are designed to run underwater to be effective, and they do not always carry a hook bait.
Value Bar Image Value Bar
A fixed 6 bar dredge made of stainless that is available in three sizes.
Ready to Rig Super Mag Umbrella Rig Image Ready to Rig Super Mag Umbrella Rig
36" 6 arm 6oz ready to rig umbrella-spring tempered stainless steel. Can rig with 2.0-2.3 swivel sleeves.
Sailfish Dredge Image Sailfish Dredge
38" 6 arm 12oz Sailfish Dredge Heavy Duty Spring tempered stainless steel with 13 drop eyes, ready to rig.
Titanium Flex Spreader Bar Image Titanium Flex Spreader Bar
Unlike stainless bars, these titanium bars flex under a load when used and return to their original configuration. Comes rigged with 8 - 8" high speed lures. All packed in a convenient storage bag. Available in 4 colors: Rainbow (63), Green/Yellow/Orange (61), Green (64), and Purple (62).
Dredge Weights Image Dredge Weights
Designed to keep your dredge in the water for optimum presentation. Available in two sizes and three colors: Pink/White, Green/Yellow, Blue/White.
Strike Point Strip Ballyhoo Dredge Kits Image Strike Point Strip Ballyhoo Dredge Kits
Kits come complete with fixed arm dredge, strips, and mesh storage bag. Ballyhoo strip available in Silver or Multi (Blue, Pink and Silver Fish).
Strike Point Strip Sardine Dredge Kits Image Strike Point Strip Sardine Dredge Kits
Kits come complete with fixed arm dredge, strips, and mesh storage bag. Sardine Strip available in Silver.
Umbrella Titanium Dredge Image Umbrella Titanium Dredge
The Umbrella Titanium Dredge is very versatile easy to travel with, and features, 2lb Stainless steel head, six 18" arms of the highest quality titanium making it a 36" spread and 13 drops. Two size arms available: Heavy - 3/16" dia and or Light Flexible - 1/8" dia. Both sizes fit in the same stainless steel head. After fishing you can unscrew the arms and store them with the rigged baits in a cooler to use at your next stop or the next day of fishing.
Strike Point Las Vegas Dredge Kit Image Strike Point Las Vegas Dredge Kit
This 12" dredge comes rigged and ready to troll. Features 6 arms with 13 drops and 42 multi-color ballyhoo and rigged with heavy duty monofilament and snap swivel. Comes in a handy storage pouch.
Bucket Dredge Image Bucket Dredge
Three tier dredge features three 1lb dredges for a total of 3lbs. Rigged comes with 18 Moldcraft Hoo and a split tail mackerel in the middle. Fits perfectly into a 5 gallon bucket. Available rigged only.
Collapsible Dredge Image Collapsible Dredge
Weighted dredge with 6 stainless 5/32" arms. 12" has 7 drops and 24" and 30" have 13 drops.
Umbrella Rig Teaser System Image Umbrella Rig Teaser System
Fish like the pro's. The umbrella spreader rig allows angers to emulate a school of bait fish. May be used with ballyhoo, small mullet, artificial or strip teasers. May be used singly or stacked. See "E" for strip teaser kits for these dredges.
Spreader Bar Image Spreader Bar
Designed to troll with bulb squid, soft squid or lures. Constructed from 1/8" stainless steel bar stock. 36" long.
Live Squid & Live Ballyhoo Spreader Bar Image Live Squid & Live Ballyhoo Spreader Bar
15 Pro-rigged baits with a 2/0 crane swivel with snap on 300lb line. Total length is 8'. The last bait has a snap swivel that allows the angler to connect fishing line to the Spreader with an elastic band. The lure or bait with a hook looks like it is chasing the school on the surface, the elastic band breaks during the strike so the spreader bar can easily be removed from the water.

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