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Reel Accessories

Capt. Harry's offers many fishing reel accessories like reel covers, cases and safety straps that will go a long way in protecting your fishing reel investment.
Stainless Steel Gear Stud for Penn Reels Image Stainless Steel Gear Stud for Penn Reels
For optimum performance when using an electric motor and Penn Reel.
Shimano Tiagra Reel Covers Image Shimano Tiagra Reel Covers
The Shimano Tiagra Reel Covers features include: 5mm neoprene sides, Gold logo and stitches over shiny black fabric match the color of Tiagra reels and Tallus rods. All reel covers fit perfectly to specific size of Tiagra reels.
Shimano Spinning Reel Covers Image Shimano Spinning Reel Covers
2-tone 3mm (S) and 5mm (L and M) impact resistant neoprene materials, Designed to fit left or right hand reels. Design allows for reel covers to be mounted while the reel is on or off the rod.
Penn Reel Covers Image Penn Reel Covers
Penn Neoprene Reel Covers are composed of a super thick and durable 5mm neoprene material and feature triple stitched seams, eliminating runs and tears often seen in lesser quality reel covers. Penn Reel Covers stay securely fastened with Velcro closures and lug cut-out slots (on all but size XXS) allow for easy storage and a better fit for Penn trolling reels.
Reel Leash Image Reel Leash
Reel Leash features 12ft of 3/8" braided nylon w/Stainless Snap. Available in colors: Black (0), Royal (1), and White (2).
Soft Reel Covers Image Soft Reel Covers
Made from neoprene to protect your reel from scratches and dings. Available in five sizes. Fits Reels: CT-400 AND CT-400S.
Pocket Drag Checkers Image Pocket Drag Checkers
This unique water resistant scale that measures the drag on both spinning and conventional tackle, as well as drag coefficient of the rod guides. The 32lb unit tests line up to 32lbs.The 12lb unit tests line up to 12lbs.
Capt. Harry's Reel Saver Image Capt. Harry's Reel Saver
Attach it to your rod and reel and prevent them from going overboard. Nylon available in blue and black. 10 ft. long.
Plastic Yoyo's Image Plastic Yoyo's
Throw away hand line handling woes! Accurate, easy, casting with no tangles. Keep one rigged and ready to go and you will be fishing within seconds.
Penn Reel Cleaning Accessories Image Penn Reel Cleaning Accessories
Need to keep your reel clean and well lubed for the fishing season ahead? Protect them by oiling, greasing and spraying cleaner on your reel. This will help keep your reels working and will help prevent corrosion and saltwater build-up.
T-Bar Reel Handle Image T-Bar Reel Handle
The T-Barâ„¢ is built with an adjustable tilt handle. Handle aligns the hands, wrist, forearm and upper arm in a perfect vector for maximum power with minimum fatigue. Available in three sizes for Penn International reels. Other models are available, call for pricing.
Pivot Reel Handle By Reel Colors Image Pivot Reel Handle By Reel Colors
Free floating, pivoting padded handle, effortlessly follows the constantly changing angles of your wrist while cranking. This motion will eliminate strain on the angler, and rod torque.
Shimano Graphite Reel Seat Clamp Image Shimano Graphite Reel Seat Clamp
Light in weight, This clamp secures the reel to the rod. Fits Reels: TLD 15, 20, 25, 2-Speed 20 Reels.

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